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Content Creation
Task Force

Did PRISM get its beauty sleep?
Of course not, PRISM never sleeps! See how we cover up our under eye bags and keep you informed with gorgeous educational content

What does the Content Creation Task Force do?

The Content Creation Task Force is the backbone of the work PRISM does, providing LGBT-inclusive education and other resources where young people turn to most: online. From cracking open the history books to tell us all about the Stonewall riots to helping us define exactly what differentiates sex from gender (Hint: a lot), our team helps us keep you informed.


The Content Creation Task Force also keeps PRISM looking its best! From social media posts to the website you're on now, everything your eyes take in was made by these Adobe wizards and photography experts.

Who makes up the Content Creation Task Force?

Content Creation Director

To keep deadlines met, young people educated, and our brand shining, PRISM's Content Creation Director ensures everyone knows what's expected and how they can help.

Website Design Manager

Our Website Design Manager develops and maintains our website and monitors social media trends, including developments in design, applications, strategy, and innovation to stay relevant and effective.

Visual Designers

Masters of the graphics tablet and conquerors of the pen tool, Visual Designers utilize Adobe Creative Suite programs and other design software to create graphics and designs for social media, our website, and promotional material (flyers, info cards, signage, etc.).

Interested? Click here to apply!


Videographers use their filming and editing skills to bolster our educational resources with engaging video content.

Interested? Click here to apply!


If you've read any of our resources,  you've benefited from the hard work of these folks. Writers work tirelessly to gather accurate, up-to-date information and put it into a format that can be read and consumed by anyone who needs it.

Interested? Click here to apply!


These folx have some real fine attention to detail. Editors make sure the articles on PRISM's site are pristine and free of errors.

Interested? Click here to apply!


PRISM's very own paparazzi make sure that every smile, laugh, and picture-perfect moment is captured at PRISM events so we can show just how lively our initiatives are (or how cute our outfits were that day.... whatever works).

Interested? Click here to apply!

How do I join the Content Creation Task Force?

We'd love to have you apply for one of the many open positions in the Content Creation Task Force. These are contract-based jobs wherein you join our projects as a freelancer.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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