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A dedication to keeping safe sex sexy

Read on to see how PRISM ensures our services are as accurate as possible.

What is the STI Clinic Search?

PRISM's STI Clinic Search is a network of easily accessible, affordable health centers that offer STI testing in South Florida. For every clinic in our system, PRISM provides the location, contact information, types of tests offered, pricing, and operating hours. For many clinics, PRISM also gives further information on wait times, parking, other services offered, and more!

What are Certified Partners?
Certified Partners Badge

You may see this symbol next to some of the STI testing locations listed on our site. This means that that location is a "Certified Partner." Certified Partners have agreed to regularly update us whenever key information about their services changes, ensuring that our information is as accurate as possible. Certified Partners update their information within 10 business days of any change.

What is the difference between a Certified Partner and a regular clinic?

Regardless of status, PRISM regularly re-verifies the information on all clinics we list on our site. This usually happens several times per year through our staff, and even more frequently through our STI Clinic Vetting Program. However, Certified Partners agree to also contact us when their information changes, meaning those services are as up-to-date as possible.


Note: Information on the quality of services, such as wait times, satisfaction, inclusivity, and other subjective or statistical data, is always gathered through the STI Clinic Vetting Program, not from Certified Partners themselves. This ensures that these qualitative assessments are neutral and applied evenly to all clinics we list on our site.

I'm with a free or low-cost clinic in South Florida. How do I list my clinic as a Certified Partner?

Certified Partner status lets visitors on our site know that your clinic is dedicated to ensuring access to STI testing for every color and for everyone. For information on registering your STI testing location as a Certified Partner, please contact

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