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How Angry Parents Forced Florida to Back Down From Forcing Student Athletes to Reveal Menstrual History

February 9, 2023

Anisha Kohli

“I think students are rightfully fearful,” Maxx Fenning, president of PRISM, an organization dedicated to LGBT-inclusive education and sexual health resources for South Florida youth, told TIME ahead of Thursday’s decision. Fenning said that policies like making sharing menstrual information mandatory obstruct “their privacy, their ability to control what information is and isn’t distributed and to who.”


All Grown Up: Gen Z’s Maxx Fenning is SFGN’s Person of the Year

January 5, 2023

Christiana Lilly

A score from Out of the Closet, Maxx Fenning, 20, says it’s become his go-to outfit this year; he wore it when visiting the Florida Capitol to testify against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, speaking at a March for Our Lives rally, attending a Protect the Children counterprotest, doing a photoshoot for i-D magazine, and filming videos for his TikTok account, which has more than 50,000 followers.


Broward school board member speaks at anti-LGBTQ rally in Fort Lauderdale

December 6, 2022

Gerard Albert III, Kate Payne

“This hate… even if the violence doesn’t happen on-site itself, that sort of messaging in and of itself incites violence,” said Maxx Fenning, who helped organize the counter-protest. “These are dangerous things that lead to loss of life, that incite violence, that incite actions like what we saw in Colorado Springs.”


South Florida LGBTQ Leaders React to Club Q Shooting

December 1, 2022

Jesse Fraga, Naomi Feinstein

"We've seen fear-mongering after fear-mongering against drag queens, trans people, and against our community as a whole," says Maxx Fenning, president of Prism, a local nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to LGBTQ-inclusive education. "This idea that we're predators and are out for your kids is extremely harmful. When we have this sort of influx of verbal hate, it is almost inevitable that it leads to violence in real life."

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