Don't say gay

Gov. DeSantis has signed "Don't Say Gay" into law.
Here's what the law is, what it does, and how PRISM is fighting back.
What is "Don't Say Gay"?

In late January, the Florida House of Representatives introduced HB1557 (read it here), or the Parental Rights in Education bill. While supposedly meant to give parents more involvement in their children's education, it quickly found a new, much more accurate nickname: the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

Responding to supporters of the bill:

It can be exhausting to fight Internet trolls on this left and right, so we've got you covered. PRISM has broken down all of the myths that have been thrown around to support this harmful piece of legislation. Don’t worry, our sources are cited.

Where Florida schools will fail, PRISM will step up.

If you're a member of the LGBT+ community and want to find resources that will help you understand your identity and our shared history, PRISM is here for you! Below you'll find links to inclusive, educational resources on a variety of topics.