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Don't Say LGBTQ

Florida has signed "Don't Say LGBTQ" into law.
Here's what the law is, what it does, and how PRISM is fighting back.
What is "Don't Say LGBTQ"?

In March 2022, Florida passed HB1557, the "Parental Rights in Education" bill, into law. Among advocates and activists, the law is referred to as "Don't Say LGBTQ" because it heinously restricts and censors queerness in schools.


What does the law do?

It bans the topics of gender identity and sexual orientation in K-8, AND wherever they are deemed not "age appropriate." Sound vague? It's supposed to. Since it was passed, Don't Say LGBTQ was been dangerously expanded a number of times.


In March, the Florida legislature passed HB1069, which significantly expanded the already restrictive Don't Say LGBTQ law. Then in July, the Florida Department of Education ruled to implement this bill officially.

Read our latest post on what this expansion—and the other anti-LGBTQ rules that the FLDOE codified—means for queer students.

Responding to supporters of the bill:

It can be exhausting to fight Internet trolls on this left and right, so we've got you covered. PRISM has broken down all of the myths that have been thrown around to support this harmful piece of legislation. Don’t worry, our sources are cited.

You can also catch these as one, complete video on our TikTok page.

Join us in fighting back.

Just because the law has passed doesn't mean there aren't ways to fight back. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events, because we regularly plan protests and speak out against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation during school board meetings.

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