Open positions

Show us what you're made of
Do you love design? Are you great at public speaking? Maybe your passion is educating others. Whatever it is, there's a place in PRISM for everyone.
We recommend reading more about our task forces before starting your application.

Youth Program Director

As PRISM is a youth organization we want to ensure that all youth have a safe space to come to. Youth Program Directors will be responsible for managing PRISM's Youth support group.

Social Media Director (Instagram)

These folx keep our feed flawless by coordinating social media posts, fundraisers, and visuals for Instagram (@prism.fl)

PRISM Panel Manager

From team building to support groups, PRISM Panel Managers make sure that everyone feels safe and heard in PRISM.

Grant Writers

In order for bigger initiatives to be successful, Grant Writers oversee grant writing on behalf of PRISM with other Fundraising Management.


Data runs the world! Analysts assist in the collection of this data and help give it meaning.

Management Resources Director

Management Resources Directors keep the gears turning in PRISM. Coordinating management meetings, handling new hire info, and more, these folx take team-building VERY seriously!

Social Media Drafters

Master of cheesy diction, Social Media Drafters utilize their wit to ensure our Social Media posts will be successful.

Content Creation Director

If you've read any of our resources, you've benefited from the hard work of these folks. Content Creation Directors work tirelessly to gather accurate, up-to-date information and put it into a format that can be read and consumed by anyone who needs it.

Secretary Assistant

The Board Secretary's righthand man, woman, or individual, attention to detail is key for these folx.

Social Media Director (Facebook)

These folx keep our feed flawless by coordinating social media posts, event posts, fundraisers, and visuals for Facebook

Survey Program Director

Data runs the world! Survey Program Directors oversee the collection of this data and give it meaning.

Outreach Manager

To make sure the message gets across clearly, our Outreach Managers track all of the initiatives put together by Outreach Correspondents.