Open positions

Show us what you're made of
Do you love design? Are you great at public speaking? Maybe your passion is educating others. Whatever it is, there's a place in PRISM for everyone.
We recommend reading more about our task forces before starting your application.

PRISM Panel Manager

From team building to support groups, PRISM Panel Managers make sure that everyone feels safe and heard in PRISM.


Outreach Manager

To make sure the message gets across clearly, our Outreach Managers track all of the initiatives put together by Outreach Correspondents.



PRISM's very own paparazzi make sure that every smile, laugh, and picture-perfect moment is captured at PRISM events so we can show just how lively our initiatives are (or how cute our outfits were that day.... whatever works).


Management Resources Director

Management Resources Directors keep the gears turning in PRISM. Coordinating management meetings, handling new hire info, and more, these folx take team-building VERY seriously!


POC Advocates Manager

POC Advocate Managers oversee all POC-related initiatives organized by PRISM. Comprised of people with lived experiences facing racial bias and discrimination, they also lead discussions based on race and the issues that come about from systemic oppression.


Visual Designer

Master of the graphics tablet, conqueror of the pen tool, Visual Designers utilize Adobe Creative Suite programs and other design software to create graphics and designs for social media, our website, and promotional material (flyers, info cards, signage, etc).


Secretary Assistant

The Board Secretary's righthand man, woman, or individual, attention to detail is key for these folx.


Board Member

The Board of Directors are the head of PRISM, making all of the final decisions regarding events, fundraising and more! From drafting budgets to organizing new educational initiatives, these guys have their work cut out for them.


SMDCT Manager

To keep deadlines met and our brand shining, PRISM's SMDCT Managers make sure everyone knows what's expected and how they can help.


HQ Manager

Our HQ Managers work hard to make our in-person facilities spotless.


Volunteer Manager

The first friendly face our volunteers see, Volunteer Managers makes sure everyone knows all about upcoming events, initiatives, policies, and opportunities.


Fundraising Manager

In order to make sure everything is in order, Fundraising Managers oversee all fundraising initiatives organized by PRISM. Getting venues set up, creating booth layouts, and organizing promotional material with our SMDCT are these guys' specialty.

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