Research Director

To make sure the gears run smoothly, PRISM's Research Director oversees all of the keyboard-tapping, data-collecting, function-making goodness and keeps everyone on their toes.

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Research Director
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PRISM relies on the dedicated contributions of volunteers to further its initiatives. The Research Director oversees our Research Task Force, which conducts internal and external surveying and coordinates non-educational STI prevention programs. Currently, this is an unpaid volunteer position.

What you get: An opportunity to make a difference in the LGBT community, improve your leadership skills, a chance to make an impact, a new experience to add to your resume.


  • Coordinate community service logs, payroll, and attendance logs

  • Develop and oversee the operations of the Research Task Force (STI Clinic Search, STI Clinic Vetting Program, surveying, data analysis, etc)

  • Assist in securing grant funding for the Research Task Force through searching and applying for grants

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with data analysis and surveying

  • Experience with STI prevention or public health services

  • Volunteer and staff management experience

  • Prior research regarding nonprofit program efficacy or public health services

  • Grant writing