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Student Ambassador Program

Connecting South Florida's schools
Do you have an LGBT-oriented club or organization on your school's campus? Read more below!

What is the PRISM Student Ambassador Program?

With attacks against LGBTQ+ youth across the state, extracurricular programs and clubs will be even more of a safe haven for queer students. As the school year approaches, consider becoming part of PRISM’s Student Ambassador Program!

PRISM started as a high school club, so we know the difficulties of student organizing. The PRISM Student Ambassador Program (P-SAP, for short) allows LGBTQ+ clubs and student organizations at high schools and universities in South Florida to select one student to represent them as a PRISM Student Ambassador.

As part of P-SAP, students gain the opportunity to actively connect with other LGBTQ+ student leaders. You’ll get access to monthly meetings, group activities, and even an exclusive P-SAP listserv and Discord channel! PRISM will help assist in coordinating LGBTQ-related observances on campus, navigating discussions on hard-hitting topics in your club or group meetings, and more!

How do I join P-SAP?

In order to participate in P-SAP, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a high school or university in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade County

  • Have a leadership position in an LGBTQ-focused club or student organization at your school, intend to start an LGBTQ-focused club or student organization at your school by the end of the school year, or be designated as a PRISM Student Ambassador by someone with such a leadership position

  • For high school students, receive written permission from your staff sponsor to participate in P-SAP as a representative of your club or student organization

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in getting involved, click here to fill out an application!

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