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Assistant Fundraising Manager

We recommend reading more about our task forces before starting your application.

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Assistant Fundraising Manager
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PRISM relies on the dedicated contributions of volunteers to further its initiatives. Further, we require a constant influx of funding in order to carry out our mission. Assistant Fundraising Managers oversee our Fundraising Task Force with the main Fundraising Manager. 

Assistant Fundraising Managers do not receive a paycheck, but they do receive the satisfaction that they are helping an organization for LGBT youth. There is potential for a paid position in the future.

Assistant Fundraising Managers have the following responsibilities:

  • Contact new volunteer applicants to provide more information about opportunities

  • Guide new volunteers through the process of completing volunteer applications if they have not already

  • Provide necessary information to volunteers about task forces, community service, upcoming events, etc

  • Coordinate community service and attendance logs with other Task Force Managers and Volunteer Managers

  • Complete necessary paperwork for volunteers

  • Develop and plan fundraising initiatives (securing venues, coordinating outreach and promotion, organizing volunteers and tasks, etc)

While it is not required, it is greatly preferred that applicants have experience with one or more of the following: fundraising management, volunteer management, event management, networking, LGBT issues, or youth services.

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