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Task Force

Spreading the word, one connection at a time
Learn how our Outreach Correspondents grow our team with a smile
What does the Outreach Task Force do?

The Outreach Task Force coordinates events and other activities to spread awareness of the amazing work PRISM does and builds connections with the community.

Who makes up the Outreach Task Force?

Outreach Director

The Outreach Director helps get the word out about PRISM at events and online! From volunteer recruitment to coordinating in-person events, the love and soul they provide makes PRISM all the more lively.

Volunteer Outreach Correspondents

The social butterflies of PRISM's membership, Outreach Correspondents share PRISM by actively seeking out volunteers, donors, and supporters through social media or at Outreach events.

How does the Outreach Task Force share PRISM?

Get The Word Out Events

One of the most prominent methods that Outreach Correspondents gain support for PRISM is through Get The Word Out events, where volunteers go out into the community to share PRISM and answer questions. These can be markets, festivals, fundraisers, and more!

And More!

Our Outreach Task Force is always developing new ways to get the word out about PRISM. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter to find out about future initiatives!

How do I join the Outreach Task Force?

Interested in helping out?


We'd love to have you. You can start by filling out a Volunteer Application Form, applying to one of the many positions in the Outreach Task Force, or contacting us directly.

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