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Coming Out Tips

Updated: Feb 1

What is "Coming Out"?

“Coming Out” is the act of disclosing one’s own sexuality or gender identity to someone.

Coming out is revealing your own sexuality or gender identity to someone. However, coming out is not disclosing or revealing someone else’s sexuality or gender identity. Unless that person is out of the closet already and is fine with people telling others then it is not ok to ever reveal someone else’s sexuality or gender identity.

Right Time, Right People

Make sure the people you come out to are accepting before coming out. If you’re worried that they might not be, always have a backup plan (especially if it’s someone you depend on, like a parent).

We know it can be heartbreaking, but you must have a backup plan. If someone is not accepting of you, you must rise above their negativity and take the high road. If they become verbally and or physically abusive, then you must remove them from your life, no matter who it is.

Find A Solid Support Group

There are plenty of organizations and LGBTQ+ groups throughout the globe. It can be scary to get involved, but it’s rewarding in the end.

PRISM prides itself on promoting a safe, welcoming environment for everyone involved on our Discord Server. Click here to join!

You Don’t Need To Come Out

The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t feel comfortable coming out, you don’t need to. You’re not “lying” or “fake.” It’s your business.

Your business is your business. While there is a heavy glorification surrounding coming out in media and online, you do not have to tell anyone your sexuality if you do not feel comfortable. If you feel pressured by anyone or any group, then the best thing to do is refrain from including that influence in your life.



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