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Where to Find Support

Updated: Jan 25

Where do I turn to for support?

Whether you are questioning your sexuality/gender identity or need help navigating issues specific to the LGBT community, there is always a place to turn to.


Sometimes the closest people to you can be the best option to talk to. While friendships may not last forever, family members often have a strong, life-long bond. However, if this is not an option you feel comfortable with or you know you won’t receive the support you need, another outlet may be more suitable.


Part of the shift into adolescence (which, in many cases, is when people begin exploring their sexuality and gender identity) is transitioning from a reliance on your immediate family to a reliance on your chosen family: your friends. Reliable, steadfast friends will provide you with encouragement and support. Those who don't are better off removed from your life.

Guidance Counselors

If you are a student, a guidance counselor can be a great option to seek out support. Their job is to guide, help, and support you. In many schools (including those in Palm Beach County), counselors are barred from disclosing your sexuality or gender identity so long there is not an immediate indication of the intent to self-harm or harm others. If you feel comfortable enough then a guidance counselor could be a great option.


Licensed therapists can be a great outlet for more than just sexuality and gender identity. It's important to research their experience with LGBT issues. Unfortunately, one hurdle preventing many from seeking therapy is cost. If you're uninsured, you can find affordable mental health services at local community mental health centers or online through telehealth services.

Support Groups

If you feel that none of the above options are accessible to you. A support group may be the best resource. Support groups are comprised of people who all face similar problems, so it can be a great way to talk about your feelings and get guidance.


If everything that we've stated is inaccessible or uncomfortable for you, PRISM is a great mode of support. PRISM's general volunteer meetings involve mental health check-ins every week. PRISM prides itself in promoting a safe, welcoming environment for everyone involved.


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