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From the beginning, PRISM has lived by one motto:
For every color, for everyone
We don't take that lightly. The individuals who make PRISM the thriving community it is would not be where they are today without the unparalleled contributions of people of color.
For decades, the injustices directed towards minorities of all varieties have gone unnoticed, but nowhere is that more prevalent than in black and brown communities across America. It is high time for change, and PRISM is proud to stand with those driving that change.
That's why we are officially calling for all of our donors, volunteers, and affiliates to join us in our fight for racial equity and justice.
Here are some of the ways PRISM is advocating for change. Click any of them below for more information:
  • We have released a brand new, permanent collection on our shop centered around the queer black and brown community. 100% of the proceeds we receive from our QPOC Collection will be distributed to charities and organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • PRISM is developing educational resources to highlight the integral roles that POC have played in the LGBT civil rights movement, as well as the unique issues people of color face within the LGBT community. Check here for updates on these resources, and feel free to suggest topics you feel should be discussed using the chat box on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • PRISM's POC Advocates Task Force, a section of our volunteer base, was created to develop POC-related initiatives that push for real, sustainable change for QPOC, both within and outside of the LGBT community.