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PRISM and Black Lives Matter Logo
One of the ways that PRISM supports the Black Lives Matter movement is through our QPOC (Queer People of Color) Collection, a permanent and continuously expanding line of products supporting the black and brown community.
Beyond showing support for racial equity and justice, 100% of the proceeds earned through our QPOC Collection are distributed to organizations and charities supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
Obviously, the easiest way to contribute to these organizations is by donating directly. However, if you'd like to contribute while also getting products that outwardly show support for the Black Lives Matter movement and especially for queer people of color, consider purchasing from our shop. To maximize the funds we allocate towards these organizations, please note:
  • PRISM often has recurring coupons and sales on our site. However, PRISM pays our production services the same price regardless of the discounts we offer. So, consider foregoing our coupon codes to pass on as much money to the #BLM movement as possible. The same goes for our year-round free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Keeping individual orders under $60 and paying for shipping allows us to donate that money, as well.
  • PRISM only allocates the proceeds earned through our QPOC Collection towards the #BLM movement. Any funds earned through products outside of our QPOC collection will be used for the costs listed on our FAQ. If you'd like to support the work that PRISM does directly for the LGBT community and queer people of color, you can purchase other products from our shop (such as those from our PRISM Pride Collection) or donate.
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