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BIPOC Advocates

For Every Color, For Everyone
Read on to learn how our BIPOC Advocates make sure the LGBT community is heard from every corner
What do BIPOC Advocates do?

The BIPOC Advocates Task Force works within various sectors of PRISM to ensure that the services and community that we create are meant for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. Whether that be within our Content Creation Task Force advising on culturally competent phrasing or maintaining equity in how we collect information in the Research Task Force, the BIPOC Advocate Task Force works toward a more inclusive, accurate depiction of the LGBT community.

Who makes up the BIPOC Advocates Task Force?

BIPOC Advocates Director

In order to make sure everything is in order, the BIPOC Advocates Director oversees all BIPOC-related initiatives organized by PRISM. An individual with lived experiences facing racial bias and discrimination, they also lead discussions based on race and the issues that come about from systemic oppression.

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Volunteer BIPOC Advocates

BIPOC Advocates are often staff or volunteers in other departments within PRISM who share lived experiences with racism or systemic oppression. They serve as a think-tank for new initiatives and practices to support BIPOC within and outside of our organization.

How do I join the BIPOC Advocates?

Interested in helping out?


We'd love to have you! You can start by filling out a Volunteer Application Form, applying to one of the many positions in the BIPOC Advocates Task Force, or contacting us directly.

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