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Getting the facts isn't easy
Read on to find out how our Researchers make sure we're telling you the right ones
What do Researchers do?

Between making sure our STI Clinic Search is up-to-date and collecting insightful data about our community, our Researchers provide us with the information we need to address South Florida’s problems effectively.

Who makes up the Research Task Force?

Research Director

To make sure the gears run smoothly, PRISM's Research Director oversees all of the keyboard-tapping, data-collecting, function-making goodness and keeps everyone on their toes

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Survey Program Manager

Our Survey Program Manager deals with all the nitty-gritty organization that comes with gathering information. They oversee the STI Clinic Vetting Program, LGBT Education Survey, and our general community wellness and needs surveying to ensure only the most accurate information is collected.

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PRISM's initiatives, surveys, and other programs give us all sorts of info, but it's no use if we don't know what any of it means! Analysts sift through all of the data points to find patterns and statistics of interest.

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What programs is the Research Task Force working on?

STI Clinic Vetting Program

Part of PRISM's sexual health resources is the STI Clinic Search, which provides access to information about free and low-cost STI testing centers in South Florida. In order to ensure the clinics we refer are reputable, respectful, and safe, our Research Task Force oversees the STI Clinic Vetting Program, which takes volunteers through the full process of getting tested from walk-ins or making an appointment to getting their results back. The feedback volunteers provide about their experience at clinics helps give us a clear picture of the quality of the testing location.

LGBT Education Survey

Comprehensive LGBT education has a clear emotional, academic, and social benefit for LGBT youth in schools. In order to gauge the impact of equity policies and programs in the Palm Beach County School District (PBCSD), our Research Task Force has put together the LGBT Education Survey, which asks students about the topics discussed in their classes.

And More!

Our Research Task Force is always developing more programs and resources to keep up the fight for LGBT youth. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter to find out about future initiatives!

How do I join the Research Task Force?

Interested in helping out?

We'd love to have you. You can start by filling out a Volunteer Application Form, applying to one of the many positions in the Research Task Force, or contacting us directly.

Our Research Task Force also has monthly meetings to discuss future programs, give updates, and provide more information to new members. It's open to all, and you can even get the chance to earn community service hours for attending!

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