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Task Force

Money makes the world go round
Read on to find out how we secure the funds to push our mission forward

What does the Fundraising Task Force do?

The Fundraising Task Force works to develop events and promotions that bring in funding for all of the many initiatives and services that PRISM provides to LGBTQ+ youth and queer people of color. From bake sales to fun runs to livestreams, these dedicated individuals work hard to keep the blood pumping through PRISM's veins.

Who makes up the Fundraising Task Force?

Fundraising Director

In order to make sure everything is in order, the Fundraising Director oversees all fundraising initiatives organized by PRISM. Building connections, reaching out to donors, and planning new initiatives and events are this person’s specialties.

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Grant Writers

Master orators and budget fanatics, Grant Writers use their sponsorship know-how to secure the grant funding necessary to maintain our programs and initiatives.

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How do I join the Fundraising Task Force?

Interested in helping out?

We'd love to have you! You can start by filling out a Volunteer Application Form, applying to one of the many positions in the Fundraising Task Force, or contacting us directly.

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