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Discord Moderator

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Discord Moderator
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PRISM wants all of its Social Media platforms to be safe for all youth and participants. Discord Moderators are responsible for ensuring PRISM's Discord rules are being followed and that participants are getting the help that they need.

PRISM dedicates its resources to providing a safe space for all youth. This applies to all of PRISM's Social Media platforms. PRISM uses Discord as a social platform for youth, volunteers, and our support groups. Discord moderators are responsible for ensuring that Discord rules are being followed and the content is safe for participants. Discord Moderators do not receive a paycheck, but they do receive the satisfaction that they are helping an organization for LGBT youth. There is potential for a paid position in the future.

Discord Moderators have the following responsibilities:

  • Moderate the Discord server

  • Maintain activity within the Discord server

  • Answer questions from Discord participants

  • Help Discord participants

  • Take effective action when rules are being broken, etc.