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Publications Manager

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Publications Manager
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PRISM relies on the dedicated contributions of volunteers to further its initiatives. PRISM conducts many initiatives, which makes building a solid brand image and marketing extremely important. A Publications Director functions under our Social Media/Design Coordinators Task Force and also works with the Board Of Directors. Publications Directors do not receive a paycheck, but they do receive the satisfaction that they are helping an organization for LGBT youth. There is potential for a paid position in the future.

A Publications Director will have the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage all physical brochures and flyers for PRISM events and initiatives 

  • Coordinate the design of flyers and other print material

  • Develop and organize PRISM's monthly newsletter

  • Develop and organize any other newsletters or messages for subscribers

  • Analyze how PRISM's newsletter can be better, and how PRISM can receive more subscribers to said newsletter

  • Coordinate community service with other Task Force Management and Volunteer Managers

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