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Videographers use their filming and editing skills to bolster our educational resources with engaging video content.

Videographers play a key role in creating engaging and educational content across a variety of digital platforms. Currently, this is an unpaid volunteer position.

What you get: An opportunity to make a difference in the LGBT community, improve your leadership skills, a chance to make an impact, and a new experience to add to your resume.


  • Work collaboratively with the Content Creation department to create film and video products

  • Determine what type of equipment is needed for each project

  • Set up and tear down equipment for in-person filming sessions

  • Insert closed captioning, graphics, or other on-screen text into a video

  • Add computer graphics and special effects to a video

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience filming or editing videography

  • Experience with sound design

PRISM pays a specified amount for each piece created, which may vary from project to project.

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