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PRISM Takes on Queer Censorship With New #SavePRISM Campaign

PRISM Takes on Queer Censorship With New #SavePRISM Campaign

After their Instagram account was taken down for allegedly “violating community guidelines,” PRISM FL, Inc has created a new social media campaign called “#SavePRISM” to shine a light on just how pervasive LGBTQ+ censorship is online.

PRISM uses Instagram to reach approximately 35,000 people every month, providing vital information about sexual health, gender, sexuality, and LGBT history. Unfortunately, on January 6th, PRISM’s Instagram account was taken down for “violating community guidelines.” After repeated attempts to restore their account through Instagram’s automated system (and attempting to create a new account, which was deactivated within just 30 minutes), PRISM was unsuccessful in regaining their presence on the platform.

Now, PRISM is taking action against queer censorship on social media. For every time someone uses the hashtag #SavePRISM between now and March 29th to share a story about either how PRISM has impacted them or how they’ve been discriminated against by a social media platform, a growing list of organizations, individuals, and businesses will donate $1 to support their work to make South Florida for every color and for everyone:

“It’s important to recognize that this issue is bigger than PRISM,” said Maxx Fenning, President of PRISM FL, Inc. “Queer censorship is baked into social media algorithms themselves, and the companies that create them need to be held accountable.”

Those interested in participating or making a donation pledge are encouraged to visit or contact PRISM FL, Inc. at


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