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Let's talk it out
Learn how we use hard-hitting discussions to make change
What does the PRISM Panel do?

The PRISM Panel creates meaningful discussions within PRISM through support groups, educational presentations, team-building activities, and more!

Who makes up the PRISM Panel?

Mental Health Advisors

Mental health is just as important as physical health! These folx give volunteers and other LGBTQ+ individuals in the community a safe space to seek guidance and support.

Career Advisors

Feeling stuck in your field or education, or ready to make a new jump? Career Advisors provide assistance to volunteers and LGBTQ+ individuals regarding opportunities for employment and education.

Youth Program Directors

Youth Program Directors coordinate youth support groups and provide resources for LGBTQ+ youth in South Florida.

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QPOC Program Directors

To maintain an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, QPOC Program Directors coordinate support groups specifically catered to queer people of color.

Transgender Program Directors

Transgender and gender non-conforming individuals face struggles and experiences unique to their gender identity. Program Directors coordinate support groups specifically built to address these challenges.

Disability Program Directors

While LGBTQ+ representation has been on the rise, there is little growth in that representation for LGBTQ+ individuals facing disabilities. Disability Program Directors coordinate support groups to discuss and work through these and provide resources for more support.

Management Resources Directors

Management Resources Directors keep the gears turning in PRISM. Coordinating management meetings, handling new hire info, and more, these folx take team-building VERY seriously!

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PRISM Panel Managers

From team building to support groups, PRISM Panel Managers make sure that everyone feels safe and heard in PRISM.

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How do I join the PRISM Panel?

Interested in helping out?

We'd love to have you. You can start by filling out a Volunteer Application Form, applying to one of the many positions in the PRISM Panel, or contacting us directly.